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Planning a Covid Secure Wedding

Arrghhh! I hear you all cry. After the last minute change in everyone's Christmas plans, and celebrating the New Year with yet another lockdown, the start to 2021 has not been as positive as we had all hoped. Lets face it - we are all feeling fed up, and done with the year before it has even got going!!

So to all those couples out there, trying to plan a wedding during this time can seem a little daunting to say the least. For those that are still hoping to marry this year, then planning a Covid secure wedding can feel like an even bigger challenge!

I honestly believe that the best thing we can do at a time like this is to accept the things we cannot change, try to find the positives in every unfortunate situation and prepare to make decisions on the things we can change. Then we can feel empowered to make the most of any opportunities whether they are good or bad, and plan for every situation.

I am also suggesting to my wedding couples to avoid making any immediate actions or rush decisions if your wedding is later on this year. Instead its wise to advise your guests that you may need to reduce your guest list and you will keep them updated. Contact any guests you have that you know are elderly or vulnerable to have an open conversation with them about their feelings on the current situation and anything you could put in place to make them more comfortable.

Keep the communication open with your venue and suppliers because you may want to still consider postponement, if you feel you may have to make too many compromises on the day you wanted. So discuss what your options are if that's a consideration for you.

Ultimately, consider the conditions that you could be happy to go ahead with and make your contingency plans cover a Plan B - should your day need to be reduced and you opt for a micro wedding, Plan C - should you decide to postpone or Plan D - if the wedding simply cannot go ahead due to restrictions and has to be cancelled.

My Top Tips I am giving my couples:

  • Prepare yourself with all the possible information you can from your venue and suppliers, in order to make your own choices regarding how COVID may impact your wedding.

  • Take it day by day and make a Plan B, Plan C and even Plan D with your other half.

  • Read all of your supplier contracts and ask if they have a contingency plan; such as, a list of other suppliers who may be able to help, or if not, what their cancellation policy is. Please bare in mind that your suppliers will also be experiencing worry and uncertainty for the future of their business too, so be kind.

  • Get accurate facts from reputable websites - there is a lot of misinformation online regarding COVID and a lot of incorrect interpretation of the guidelines for weddings. For advice and guidance on COVID visit the NHS at for the latest government updates visit

  • Finally, DONT GET DISHEARTENED. I know its easier said than done, but your wedding day will be wonderful whenever it happens, whatever it looks like.

Take care and keep safe!

With love, Suzanne xx

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